Friday, March 5, 2010

The Seventh Retreat

Here we go again, it's Friday already and we're looking for anyone with creative writing of any kind to share. The linky will remain open until 8pm on Sunday. Here are the rules:

  1. Write a post on your blog that shows us your original creative writing.
  2. Somewhere on your sidebar or post use our button or provide a text link back to the Weekend Writer's Retreat.
  3. Add a direct link to your WWR post, not your blog, on the current week's MckLinky.
  4. Have fun reading and commenting other's submissions and finding out what they think of your writing.

Before you go take a moment to check out our sidebar, Grandma has added a button link for her serialized story Convictions. If you have an ongoing story or stories that you would like to include on our side bar just email us (Grandma or Calico) with your button and link info and we will happily add you.


  1. Hello Grandma & Calico
    I have read through items on both your blogs as today has progressed. I was thinking of contributing to the WWR, but my writing is nowhere near as long as yours. I give myself a photograph and a rule of no more than 150 words. Would that be acceptable as a contribution do you think?

  2. There are no rules about length, Julie. We're really looking forward to seeing your contributions here.

  3. Thank you. I am working on a photo story over my Saturday.

  4. Julie, so glad you've joined us, I love the concept your blog is based on, what a great idea.

  5. I'm glad to see this new meme! I used to write in response to the Sunday Scribblings prompts, but they have been so uninspiring lately. At least now, if I feel a burst of creativity, I have a place to share it. Thanks!